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We are a global automotive supplier with over 3,400 employees worldwide and 100 years of tradition and success. Our high-tech metal parts and lightweight components ensure superior comfort and safety in the automobile. We are proud of our expertise in metal forming, our precision in toolmaking and our corporate culture, which is defined by respect, performance and sustainability. Our customers value our comprehensive technological know-how in forming and joining metal materials, which includes our expertise in welding processes and structural bonding, as well as our unmatched precision in tooling. At PWO, we cover the entire value chain all the way to series production. We develop products and processes simultaneously and make sure we are always thinking one step ahead to understand today what our customers will need tomorrow. Together we work with our customers to achieve our most important goal: sustainably satisfied customers.

I have had the opportunity to work in different companies in a wide variety of industries, and I must say PWO is really something special. I have rarely seen employees who identify so much with a company and feel such dedication to their work – and at the same time possess such a remarkable level of special know-how.

Ulrich Klose, Group HR Director

Our Philosophy

Ongoing training for years and even decades? The chance to become and executive without a higher education qualification? Or working while still studying? A lot is possible at PWO. It has always been true that those who are committed and give it their all can have a successful career, regardless of their entry level or prerequisites.

Progress and Innovation, development and success are our reality - a reality reflected not only in our products but also in the track records of our employees. The paths are as individual as the people. Every employee has access to a comprehensive range of in-house-training and knowledge management. At PWO, we place a high importance on the transfer of know-how from employee to employee. Professional requirements depend on the position in question. It´s also important to us that employees possess a certain underlying attitude: In the spirit of Progress. Now., we are looking for people who want to advance and grow with us. People who are dynamic and enthusiastic, appreciate independence and responsibility, are team players and enjoy working towards success.

Our Leadership Culture

Nothing shapes a company´s corporate culture more than the style of its employee leadership. The leadership landscape at PWO today is characterized by a variety of personalities. The challenges in the various areas of responsibility are different and varied.

But there is one thing that connects PWO´s executives: our mission statement - "We set standards". This is the basis of our philosophy and our actions. Our value system focuses on topics such as "leadership at eye level", "involving employees", "open communication", "feedback/constructive conflict resolution", "cooperation", "sharing knowledge and experience", "learning from mistakes" and "decisive decision implementation". At PWO, these are not just words but values that are practiced day in and day out.

Our Responsibility

Five locations on three continents and partners all over the world: At PWO cultural diversity reigns. Everyone is welcome to contribute their ideas and skills. At PWO, junior and senior employees work together to ensure the company´s success.

We honor employees for their long-standing service and commitment at anniversary celebrations, as well as in other ways. Junior employees are given responsibility at an early stage.

Employees with health impairments or disabilities also make an important contribution to the company. Diversity includes social responsibility as well. We see ourselves as an active contributor to society and are committed to the economical use of resources. We are also a strong supporter of non-profit projects and initiatives.

Living Progress

What makes us special

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Progress in Oberkirch: Our Headquarters

Work where others go on holiday: Our corporate Headquarters and our only German location is in Oberkirch in the Ortenau region. This region stands for progress and technology, full employment and quality of life. A full 1,700 hours of sunshine per year, along with mountains in the Black Forest up to 1,163 meters high, offer plenty of recreation and leisure opportunities. We don´t have to worry about traffic jams, poor air quality or excessive rents; but instead enjoy spacious company premises with ergonomic Workstations and a "process house" in the center that unites the latest architecture with a multifunctional open-space concept.

Larissa Mauch

Human Resources

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