Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG

Production Know-How

Comprehensive production know-how in cold forming and joining and assembly technologies is our specialty. This expertise is how we ensure the highest quality with the utmost in efficiency. We always guarantee dimensional stability regardless of whether we are working with particularly low tolerances for a vast range of requirements, highly complex modules made up of numerous individual components, especially thin wall thicknesses or even demanding grades of sheet metal. Our focus is on safety and comfort in the automobile. Both require the highest precision: Safety cannot be guaranteed without complying with strict standards. Only easy-to-use adjustment options make seat and steering wheel adjustments comfortable, only precise dimensions allow fans to operate quietly and only cross-members with an exact fit can shield vibrations.

We also score highly with our know-how in joining and assembly technologies. Whether high-precision laser beam welding, optimized spot welding, resistance welding, friction welding, MAG welding with either an integrated helium leak test or using different adhesive techniques, or sophisticated, often proprietary, assembly solutions: we have the required strength and precision it takes – while at the same time achieving good energy efficiency, low heat generation and high productivity.