Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG


The term "compliance" involves setting up organizational procedures within the company to ensure compliance with legal and company-defined policies, and to further consolidate and continuously advance the awareness and understanding of employees and business partners for responsible conduct. 

Our compliance program and ongoing risk management are based on a systematic risk analysis conducted in all PWO companies. Together with the PWO companies, we define measures to minimize our risks. These measures specifically include an information and training program focused on integrity and compliance. Our goal is to promote compliant behavior and prevent misconduct, especially corruption. 

Another important component of our compliance program is an integrity check on our business partners, for example, as part of a sanction list review. These audits enable us to identify risks worldwide and respond appropriately to possible threats in coordination with our partners.

PWO does not tolerate any violation of laws, rules or regulations, neither by our employees nor through our products, services or business partners. Compliance with the laws, rules and regulations governing our global business operations is a prerequisite for PWO’s successful, sustainable growth.