Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG

Cost-Efficient Lightweight Construction

With our extensive expertise in metal forming for the automotive industry, we are a world leader when it comes to combining functionality, safety, comfort and lightweight construction. This is why we were one of the first to position ourselves in the area of lightweight solutions. Our know-how in load-optimized design and the processing of high-strength steels makes us an innovator. In this way, we make a decisive contribution to helping vehicle manufacturers reduce the weight of their vehicles without compromising on safety and comfort. These are the factors that make environmentally friendly driving and greater distances possible in e-mobility.

But light-weight solutions still need to be economical. Because being "light" at any price is only a solution when costs do not play a role. This is not the case for the volume models or in the premium area. Which is why we have developed the principle of cost-efficient lightweight construction. Our solutions made of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel plates are developed, in part, with completely new forming and joining concepts, so that these products can also be produced at high speeds, with the utmost in precision and at competitive costs. Our proven ability to produce light-weight solutions with a minimum use of material while still maintaining stable production costs is therefore a unique advantage that sets us apart.