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Principles of Conduct | Acting with Integrity

In order to promote a culture of integrity within our company, we have developed a code of conduct that defines the principles of our daily operations. These principles apply to both our dealings with one another within the company and with our business partners. Our Group-wide Code of Conduct is available in five languages. 

We have specifically set the following standards:  

  • To respect and uphold human rights. 
  • To recognize that we as a company and each and every one of us is responsible for complying with the applicable laws and internal guidelines.  
  • To be fully committed to the principles of fair and free competition as an elementary component of the market economy. 
  • To refuse to tolerate any form of corruption in our global operations. 
  • To require business decisions to be free from the influence of private and personal interests.  
  • To safeguard and protect the confidentiality of sensitive information, data and trade secrets. 
  • To demand and promote transparent business activities, enabling our employees to always turn to us with confidence. 

The Code of Conduct is binding for the entire PWO Group and valid worldwide and applies to all employees of PWO AG and its subsidiaries.  

    Our Compliance Officer offers support for complying with the Code in specific everyday situations.

Christian Bühler

Compliance Officer of PWO AG

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PWO Business Partner Code of Conduct


We believe that behaving with integrity and observing the rules are essential for building a faithful partnership and successful, lasting cooperation. 

Our PWO Business Partner Code of Conduct explains our ethical principles and the accompanying expectations we have of our business partners. The Code addresses all partners worldwide and aims to help raise the awareness of integrity and business ethics.