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Whistleblower System | A valuable Tool for recognizing potential risks

Violations of laws, as well as unlawful and non-compliant behavior against the company’s value system, can have far-reaching consequences, which may include fines, damage claims or profit absorptions, in addition to considerable damage to the company’s image and Reputation. 

PWO is supported by the whistleblower system of the EQS Group AG to prevent, or at least quickly detect, and counter infringements and violations. 

Whistleblowers can turn to our whistleblower system 24 hours a day and do this anonymously – if local laws permit – via a specially encrypted and secure communication channel. 

The whistleblower system accepts indications of misconduct by both employees and external parties worldwide. 

The prerequisite for the acceptance of the system is that it is fair in design and equally protects both the whistleblowers and those affected. These criteria are outlined in our "Whistleblower Guideline".

If you have any concrete indications of high-risk violations of the rules or the law related to the PWO Group, you can turn to our whistleblower system, which can be accessed at the link below. Here you will find a step-by-step guide for the entire reporting process. If questions arise, you will find a helpful list of FAQs about this system also available at this link: 


You may also contact our Compliance Officer, who is there to hear your comments and concerns in confidence.

Christian Bühler

Compliance Officer of PWO AG

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