Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG

Our Culture

The overall concept is the mirror of our business culture and is derived from our three business principles, which are customer, employee and success orientation. The values resulting from these business principles make the PWO group unique as an enterprise. The most important of these values are incorporated in the guidelines of our overall concept.

We are setting standards, therefore, the customer does not come to us, but we go to whereever he needs us. To permanently ensure customer satisfaction, we constantly adapt to our customers' demands and do not only convince by our quality, reliability, flexibility, quickness and our competitive prices. We are rather also geared by the expectations of the customers to accompany them to new markets with our know how.

We are setting standards, therefore, we have to be the best in many fields today and become even better in all fields tomorrow to be successful. We are distinguished by our spirit of Innovation and our inventiveness. In sheet metal forming and connection we are leading as concerns the application of established and new technologies in the development of which we have a considerable share. Here, we are the benchmark for others in many fields.

We are setting standards, therefore, our  employees show a high level of commitment and enthusiasm. In a strong team they perform extraordinarily and take pleasure in doing so. We strive to constructively solve possible problems by dealing with conflicts competently and openly. As we work with enthusiasm and joy, we are even more successful.

We are setting standards, therefore, we do not wait for opportunities to come along. Instead, we use our own strength to continuously create new opportunities in all business fields, which we utilize with success. By the continuous increase of the business value related thereto, we start working today to change the future and shape it according to our ideas.

We are setting standards and our employees are the key to our success. By a manager culture influenced by appreciation, we create an environment in which our employees feel well. Every individual employee has to feel that he/she is important to us just the way he/she is, with all his/her needs and inclinations.

We are setting standards, therefore, our economic actions are concentrated on continuously improving the business result and thus forming a solid basis for further growth. Here, we attach great importance to also living up to the expectations of our providers of capital.

We are setting standards, therefore, our business activities are influenced by sustainability and the responsibility we also take vis-à-vis the society in the social, economic and ecologic fields. The principles of the Corporate Governance and the Compliance Standards form the Framework of our actions.