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The expansion of the PWO Group is progressing steadily - in the first half 2018 with strong growth, significant investments and a positive free cash flow.

Bernd Bartmann, CFO

Investment Case: Profitable growth plus yield

PWO has made tremendous progress over the past good 10 years, transforming itself from a German supplier with a small Canadian presence to a renowned international group with a global reach. The unavoidable start-up losses are now history, upfront investments for new production sites have been completed and the significant effort to develop the sites into high-tech production plants is now behind us.

Our customers gladly rely on PWO worldwide. As a result, in each of the past five years we have acquired new business volumes of almost EUR 500 millions on average. This indicates substantial revenue growth going forward. PWO’s strong performance capabilities will again lead to a significant improvement in the Company’s financial ratios.

We also offer our investors a steady dividend associated with attractive yields. Profitable growth plus returns – this is how we intend to persuade investors to invest in PWO shares.

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Bernd Bartmann

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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