Investment Case & Forecasts

Investment Case

PWO sets itself apart with innovative components and subsystems for a wide range of automotive applications. More than 90 percent of PWO’s revenue is independent of a vehicle’s type of drivetrain. We enjoy the highest reputation from our customers for our worldwide delivery capabilities with the maximum in quality and reliability. This is how we built our first-class market position. 

Our current focus is on strengthening our profitability through a variety of cost reductions and far-reaching process improvements. In this way, we will be able to manage the Group through the structural change in the automotive industry. This is how we intend to persuade investors.


Business development in 2019Forecast 2020
RevenueEUR 458.6 million~EUR 350 million
EBIT before currency effectsEUR 22.2 Millionnegative
Free cash flowEUR 15 millionsignificantly below prior year
Equity ratio30.1 %significantly below prior year
Dynamic leverage ratio (net debt/EBITDA)2.9 yearsvisibly higher than in prior year
Investments according to segment reporting excluding the effect from the first-time adaption of IFRS 16EUR 33.9 millionsignificantly below prior year
Lifetime new business volume (series and tool orders)EUR 510 millionNot yet clear whether a volume of more than EUR 500 millionen can be achieved

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