Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG

Zero-Defect Quality

At PWO, zero-defect quality is not just a particular requirement of the production process, it’s a philosophy that is holistically practiced throughout the Group. Not just on the production floor, but also in administration and logistics. From procurement to the final delivery to the customer. From the first year of training to retirement. In Germany and everywhere else in the world. This is the only way perfect products can be produced economically and delivered reliably for many years.

Quality needs control. In production, for example, this means stringent test plans that often cover up to several dozen features and must be permanently adhered to. This requires comprehensive documentation for long-term quality assurance. In addition, our automated and fully integrated quality tests ensure zero-defect quality in a short period of time. We satisfy the sometimes very stringent requirements for the component’s cleanliness and surface quality with cleaning technologies that are integrated directly into the forming process.