Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG

Who we are & Where we are located

Company Profile

PWO is a partner to the global automotive industry for the development and production of advanced metal components and subsystems using lightweight construction. The Group has developed a unique knowledge in the forming and joining of metals over the course of its 100-year history since it was founded in 1919. With our expertise in cost-efficient lightweight construction, we contribute to environmentally friendly driving and greater distances.

All of the Group’s more than 1,000 products contribute to automotive comfort and safety. More than 90 percent of revenue is independent of the vehicle’s type of drivetrain. Approximately 3,400 employees on three continents at five production sites and four assembly plants ensure the highest level of delivery reliability and quality.

The Group's structure

All of our business activities are geared toward maximum efficiency, which is why the Group maintains a simple and transparent structure.

Our locations are situated in the major automotive markets around the world that offer enough potential to maintain long-term capacity utilization with high unit numbers. We differentiate between production and assembly locations. Our production sites are located in Germany , China, Canada, Mexico and Czechia. It is here where we pool our capital-intensive forming capacities and concentrate our employees’ high level of expertise that is necessary for ongoing process innovation. At our assembly locations, our individual components are put together into complex subsystems. Meanwhile, we operate four assembly locations in Germany, China, Mexico and Czechia, each of which is a separate operating facility of our subsidiaries in the respective countries.

We also possess a global network of cooperation partners who we can rely on when customers require delivery in other countries. 

Product Areas

We develop and manufacture over 1,000 products, which makes us independent of the trends in any one area. We are also independent when it comes to the type of drive the vehicle uses. For example, less than 10 percent of our revenue stem from components, such as clutch and transmission components, used in drives with internal combustion engines. 

We manufacture a wide range of high-precision round parts for electrical and electronic components. These parts are one of the most complex parts that can be produced by deep drawing steel. We are one of the world’s market leaders in this area, just as we are when it comes to components for air suspension systems.

Depending on the model, structural components and subsystems for the body and chassis are usually supplied directly to the automotive manufacturers. The components of the other two product areas are predominantly manufactured for international Tier 1 suppliers who integrate these components into their own systems for a number of vehicle models.


The Group’s legal entities  form the basis of our segment reporting, which is organized according to sales markets. We have spent a good decade building the global presence we enjoy today. Germany, Canada and Czechia are the Group’s main pillars. With the start-up years behind them, our locations in China and Mexico are now entering a phase where they are positively contributing to the Group’s EBIT. The future growth drivers will be China, Mexico and Czechia. In Germany and Canada, our plan is to consolidate the size of the current locations. 

Customer Structure

The PWO Group serves the global automotive industry and delivers to its customers worldwide - wherever they need our components.

Around 30 percent of our revenue is derived from automotive manufacturers and 70 percent from their suppliers. Whom we supply depends entirely on whether a manufacturer is directly installing our steel components and subsystems, or whether the manufacturer receives a complete system from the supplier. The former relates, for example, to some instrument panel carrier models, which are delivered directly to automotive manufacturers. The latter refers to seat components, among others, which we deliver to the seat manufacturers themselves. Strategically, we strive for a balanced distribution of revenues across our entire customer base.