Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG

Johannes Obrecht

Johannes Obrecht, born May 17, 1966, assumed the role of Deputy Member of the Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG Management Board on July 1, 2016, and is responsible for the Production and Materials division. Mr. Obrecht has worked for the Company for 35 years after joining PWO as a trainee tool designer. He spent his first five years at the Company working in tool design and production during which time he successfully completed his studies as a mechanical engineer. He subsequently went on to become Project Manager and was responsible for introducing products based on deep-drawing, welding and assembly methods in the production process. In 2002, he became the Team Leader for Product and Process Development and, in 2012, was named the division's departmental director. In 2013, he was given joint power of procuration. Since early 2016 he has led the Deep-Drawing Parts business unit and predevelopment. Mr. Obrecht's specialty is complex technical and business related challenges. A good example of his accomplishments includes the introduction of new technologies and complexity management.